Delivery & No Returns Policy


* Please Note – flowers used are varied based on season’s availability.

  • Orders of same day delivery close at 12PM. Deliveries on Saturday must be ordered by Friday at 12PM.
  • Delivery zone is 2 mile radius from 13 North 20th St, Kenilworth, New Jersey 07033.
  • Our products are shipped within 24 Hours using the following carriers: Own Courier.

No Returns Policy

There is no return or exchange policy. Unfortunately we can not offer you a refund or exchange.  Perishable goods such as flowers and other product cannot be returned.

Special Case

For special case please contact owner, and depending on your situation the owner may or may not exchange flower. Please show receipt or proof of purchase and come in person. Shop Owner will made the decision.

Number 856-712-3531

Email contact@loveyoumoreflorist.com, loveyoumoreflowers@gmail.com
Address 13 North 20th St, Kenilworth, New Jersey 07033

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