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Premier Flower Boutique in Kenilworth, NJ

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Weddings & Events

We specialize in all events including weddings, birthdays, dinner celebrations and engagement parties. Anything you can imagine we can do!


At a really difficult time ordering flowers is a way to show a loved one that your thoughts are with them. We offer a range of different floral arrangements.

Flower Subscription

Flowers starting at $59 plus free shipping on a 2 mile radius on all deliveries. Month to month service. Automatic Billing monthly. Opt out anytime! Deliveries on Monday.

Top Florist in Kenilworth, New Jersey

Here at Love You More Flower Boutique we are committed to creating beautiful flower arrangements for any occasion. As a Top Florist in Kenilworth, New Jersey, each of our floral arrangements get the time and personalized attention they deserve. Our team will expertly arrange your banquet of beautiful blooms and can create custom arrangements or gift baskets for your special occasion.

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