Valentine’s Day Flowers

Celebrate Love with Flowers

valentine's day flowers

Valentine’s Day Flowers are a timeless and meaningful way to express love and affection. Each bloom carries its own unique symbolism, allowing you to convey your deepest emotions through the language of flowers.


Red roses are a classic choice, symbolizing love and desire, while elegant lilies represent purity and devotion. Tulips, with their graceful beauty, convey elegance and grace, making them a perfect choice for expressing love.


The choice of flowers offers a beautiful and heartfelt gesture that transcends words, creating lasting memories and celebrating the joy of love. Whether it’s a single red rose, a vibrant bouquet of mixed blooms, or a carefully curated floral arrangement, Valentine’s Day flowers hold the power to convey your feelings in a way that is both timeless and enchanting.

The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers, also known as floriography, is a way of communicating through flowers. Each flower has its own meaning, allowing people to express specific emotions and sentiments. This tradition has been used for centuries to show love, friendship, and gratitude. For Valentine’s Day, the Language of Flowers is a heartfelt way to express love and affection. Red roses symbolize passion, and tulips represent elegance and grace. It allows for personalized and meaningful floral arrangements that make Valentine’s Day even more special.

Our Valentine's Day Collection

Flowers have an inherent language, symbolizing love and romance, making them an ideal gift for expressing affection. This Valentine’s Day, Love You More Flower Boutique in Kenilworth, NJ, introduces its exquisite Floral Collection, featuring vibrant roses and delicate lilies that capture the essence of love.

Exclusive 10% Presale Discount

The Floral Collection is complemented by an exclusive 10% presale discount, available until selected date. Utilize the code “VPRESALE10” at checkout to make your Valentine’s celebration even more special. This limited-time offer adds a touch of elegance to your thoughtful gesture.

Punctual Delivery and Lasting Beauty

Love You More Flower Boutique ensures a seamless experience with punctual delivery and unparalleled floral expertise. These gifts serve as a lasting reminder of your love and thoughtfulness.


Whether celebrating with a long-time partner or expressing feelings to a new love, the gift of Valentine’s Day flowers transcends words, creating beautiful memories.


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Let the Language of Flowers Speak for You

Let the language of flowers speak for you this Valentine’s Day, conveying the depth of your affection in a timeless and enchanting manner. Visit Love You More Flower Boutique and make this celebration truly special with carefully curated blooms that express the profound language of love.

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